We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.36.0/2.36.1. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.



Layout Manager/Editor Module

-> add mandatory LayoutEditorsGroup

-> add Layout-Menu for users of LayoutEditorsGroup and Advanced and global Admins

-> add default config for Celements2.LayoutMenu to xwiki.cfg

-> add isLayoutEditor to IWebUtilsService and WebUtilsService implementation

Editor Framework

-> add ’template’ request parameter to TinyConfig ajax call. This improves content-css support in inline-template document creation mode

-> TabEditor.js: add _isSubmittableField, add skipping input fields without name-attribute in isDirtyField check

-> move macro includeRTELanguageSelect.vm to disk and add display of available document translations

-> add default css layout for ’.celements3_tabMenu .titleblock’ in tabMenu.css

-> TabEditor.js : add deprecated notice to retrieveInitalValues

-> TabEditor.js : add execCancelCallback for changeEditLanguage and checkUnsavedChanges

-> fix click on editor tab not working in IE8


File Base

-> replace file base upload implementation with celements standard ajax file uploader. This saves the user an extra click on "upload" after choosing the local file in the file browser.

-> add overwrite check with asking user to confirm upload

-> refactoring TokenFileUploader now using jsonBuilder

-> uploadAttachment.js: add uploadAtt_Cancel_ResetFormAfter which must be called if the upload is cancelled by an external script.

-> uploadAttachment.js: change method uploadAttResetFormAfter to only remove ’beforeUploadFormTarget’, ’celementsFormId’ and ’attachmentloadingimg’ elements if they are not removed by other means.

-> ajax script TokenFileUploader.vm: fix filesExist check for attachments not on current document

-> replace filebase-upload.js with new filebase.js on disk. Reimplementing filebase.js as js-class.

-> fix saving tags in FileBaseTags needed programming rights

-> add mandatory.FileBaseTag0


Image Module

-> deactivate imageSlideShow autoresize on other devices then iOS and Android

-> celAjax/GalleryData.vm : fix missing url decode for extracted image url

-> remove not used image regex in ImageGalleryOverview template

-> celAjax/GalelryData.vm : add getNumImages and offsetNumImages request parameters to allow paging

-> galleryClass.js : add onlyFirstNumImages to GalleryData (performance optimisation)

-> galleryClass.js : add onlyFirstNumImages parameter to constructor

-> add missing galleryLayout field to automatically generated photoAlbumClass


Blog Module 

-> change form id in BlogEdit.vm to ’blogform’

-> fix height of article editor and add autoresize css class

-> remove old cancel button in BlogEdit.vm

-> upgrade ArticleEdit to use async celements saveDocumentWithValidation ajax script

-> change to includeCelementsRTE from disk

-> add cel_tm_article_create title if document is new

-> fix language hidden field and creation of new objects for translations

-> fix one button save for blog article (broken in 2.36.0)

-> change article-edit.js to get ’articleform’ form and optional fallback to ’edit’ form

Calendar Module

-> fix calendar event editor for one button configuration

-> change to save with validation

-> create new object instead of getting it from template

-> add fallback to template document if no object is available (inline-template document creation mode)

-> add option to archive on start or end date. Default: end date

-> change date format to dd.MM.yyyy (instead of / as separator) and add date validation. If you already used the calendar module before this release, you need to delete the XWiki Class and let the component recreate it to make the validation Regex available on the XWiki-Class.



-> move ImportBase to disk

-> Panels-Application: allow fallback to panel in celements2web if it is not present locally

-> add htmlskin an disk

-> add edit standard page layout, default language and supported languages to Cockpit overlay 

-> IMPORTANT: change useNewButtons configuration in xwiki.cfg for celements-web to 1

-> add mandatory HTMLWebPreferences

-> add mandatory Robots_TXT


-> fix overlay margin-left

-> Login: label width 140px

-> activationaccount.vm : fix after activation redirect url

-> fix npe in MenuServices occuring if deleted xojbects exist in menu definition.

-> fix logging and optimize xwql in MenuService

-> fix reset context database after hasview in DefaultMenuAccessProvider