We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.30.0. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.


-> add permanentlyEmptyTrash to CelementsWebScriptService

-> add permanently delete documents in trash for longer than 30 days link to recycle bin overlay. Add overwritten documents to listing.

-> add overwriteCMcssClass to NavigationCellView

-> add overwrite possibility for presentationType to NavigationCellView

-> add validate-docname to default functions of validation.js

-> add link name to AddGallery form.

-> add posibility to automatically add a menu item to a new image gallery

-> add option to suppress overlay dimension from id to celYuiOverlay.js

-> add default english, italian and french activation mail translations

-> add CelementsResponsiveDesignImage.js for image handling and resizing in dom tree parts

-> add RTEConfigsListing overlay and add menu item in Layout-Menu

-> add optional input parameter maxInputFieldSize to WebSearch.vm

-> add new image Gallery overview based on presentation type

-> add Wiki default content and layout default content for page dependent content cells (PDC-cells) with inheritable option selected

-> extract renderTemplatePath in RenderCommand to allow to reuse of inheritable templates with inheritance down to disk

-> add CalendarEngineLucene to calendar-component to allow search inside an calendar and to speed up search access in calendars with thousend of entries.



-> fix order of recycle bin listing. new: descending by delete date.

-> fix ajax call pageTypeWithLayout for appScript documents.

-> fix xredirect handling in AddGallery overlay.

-> fix login layout: add login layout for ’#loginForm fieldset legend’

-> change initCelements macros call to be optional in app.vm

-> fix resize for image picker (attachwysiwyg.vm) and add attachment

version to URL to overcome browser caching issues

-> fix ObjectEdit multiple object accordeon-title bar (including input

field in inline mode)

-> fix wrong overlay linking for FullAttRecycleBin and FullRecycleBin

-> fix default css for h1 and h2 in overlay

-> fix Blog loaded in a page dependent content cell