We are proud to announce the celements-web release 2.18.0/2.18.1/2.18.2. Some improvements and some fixes have made it into this release.



-> add suppressInvalid language configuration in xwiki.cfg. Remove the old velocity script forceValidLanguage in celements2web.xar

-> add automatic fallback for layouts. If named local layout does not exist use the named local layout if present.

-> add fallback to default layout (configurable in xwiki.cfg)

-> add Menu Space field to NavigationConfig for NavigationCells in Layout Editor. This allows to show main menus from different spaces in fixed layout places.

-> extend RSS-Feed script for Blog-View to include subscribed articles from other blogs.

-> add layout delete-link to Layout Manager list (visible for administrators)

-> add celEditorRedirect css class to mark an input field for the TabEditor to being used as xredirect (return to on close)



->  fix missing-dimension issue for addNavigation and centerImage in celanim-slideshow.js. ( There is a bug in FF an IE. If the page is loaded in an iframe it can happen, that the dimensions are not yet available in the onLoad event. This can be for an image or any other element. THUS the only work around of this issue is to retry after some amount of time.)

-> fix checkClasses for celements xwiki-class collections never called on main wiki

-> fix getLanguagePreference for browser accepted language header

-> fix the Gallery-Editor to close if the user clicks the ’close’ button in two button mode

-> fix getMenuItemSiblings in TreeNodeService

-> fix add page ContextMenu for Navigation (menu items) adding target space to navigation container id